Honeymooning In The State Of Maine

Getting married is truly one of the momentous moments in your life unless you are Liz Taylor! Honeymooning in Maine should be the icing on your momentous occasion. Maine’s slogan is “Vacationland”, and once you have been there you’ll see why. This beautiful New England state offers miles of picturesque shoreline, quaint fishing towns and gorgeous lighthouses. Beautiful in the summer when the beaches are warm and inviting, or in the fall when the trees change color, honeymooning in Maine can be a romantic and unique way to usher in your new life. Choosing Maine for your honeymoon can be a great alternative to the usual tropical honeymoon spots. If you prefer hiking to sunbathing, and fresh air, clean water and lobster to tropical drinks, Maine is a great choice for your romantic trip. Bar Harbor, Maine, is one town that’s known for its inviting atmosphere and great accommodations. Bar Harbor is an island, and it’s located in “Downeast” Maine, surrounded by the breathtaking views of Acadia National Park. This township is 45 square miles large, giving you plenty of room to explore the beauty of Maine while not feeling overly crowded (the population of Bar Harbor is only 4500!). Easily reachable by car, Bar Harbor is isolated enough to feel like a relaxing spot, but close enough to cities such as Bangor (50 miles away) that flying into the area is easy. One Bar Harbor destination that’s perfect for honeymooning is Clefstone Manor. Built in 1884 and located on “Millionaire’s Row”, this mansion is one of only a few that survived a devastating fire that took place in 1947. The honeymoon packages here include amenities such as a welcome gift basket and complimentary bottle of champagne, with a three night minimum stay. Another spot in Bar Harbor that’s perfect for honeymooning is the Bass Cottage Inn. Built in 1885 during the Golden Age of Bar Harbor, this inn offers 10 guest suites complete with whirlpool tubs and fireplaces. The “Honeymoon Sweet” package offers fresh flowers, complimentary champagne, king size beds and even a muffin basket packed with delicious baked goods to enjoy before breakfast, with a three night stay minimum (prices vary according to season). If you’d prefer something a little different for your first trip as man and wife, honeymooning in Maine is a great choice. Explore the beauty of New England’s coastline, swim in the Atlantic Ocean, and hike the mountains of Acadia National Park – all while staying in a town known for its hospitality and charm. R

The Best in Maine Lobster

Seafood is a favorite food of many, and lobster is usually the top of the line, gourmet food that seafood lovers really appreciate. Gourmet lobster is a hit with seafood lovers Lobster is an excellent entrée choice for guests, special occasions, or for a special meal at home with the family. Hancock Gourmet Lobsteroffers the best Maine lobster shipped to your home in ice or dry ice, including live lobster that has been caught in the Casco Bay on the day it is shipped to customers. Besides live lobster, the company sells gourmet lobster-based entrees, including pot pie, bisque, dip, gumbo, and many others. Seafood that looks beautiful and tastes great The presentation of food is very important for a special meal because when it looks appetizing and delicious, it tastes even better. Gourmet sea foods, such as the Pemaquid Point Lobster Pot Pies, are full of lobster pieces in a cream sauce with a touch of sherry. They are covered with puff pastry that is topped with a lobster cut out that makes themeven more special. Each one is sold in a reusable ramekin, and when they are browned in the oven, they look very attractive. Lobster tails are a hit with everyone Lobster is seafood that can be enjoyed in many ways. Lobster meat can be purchased and used in a customer’s own recipes, or it can be thawed out from its frozen state and dipped in butter or cocktail sauce. The meat is already cooked, so it can be used for a fast meal in salads, soups, and other recipes. Lobster tails are very popular, and those from the Maine waters are sweet and tender. They can be grilled, steamed, stuffed, or baked. Each tail is five to six ounces, and they are shipped frozen. It is also possible to order lemon butter tails that are four Maine tails with lemon herb butter in a container that can be heated in the oven as is for a delicious and speedy meal. These tails are also five to size ounces each. Live lobster shipped to your door Live lobster from Maine can be shipped directly to the customer’s door. The lobsters are taken from the cold North Atlantic waters on the day that they are shipped to the customer. Each lobster weighs 1.25 pounds, and they can be ordered in shipments of two or four lobsters. Cooking instructions are included, and the seafood should be cooked soon after it arrives since it is fresh, not frozen. This seafood must be shipped overnight since it is live. Other delicious gourmet foods Soups and appetizers are also available from this gourmet seafood website. Christmas Cove Lobster Cakes are a favorite of customers because they are filled with Maine lobster with onions, garlic, and celery before they are rolled in Japanese panko bread crumbs. There are no fillers or binders in these cakes that are mostly lobster meat. Many other options are available, such as Old Port Lobster Flatbread and lobster gazpacho. Unique hand-made desserts are also offered by this gourmet food website. There are Maine Whoopie pies, and several deep dish fruit desserts, including peach, wild berry, and apple crisps. Maine Wild Blueberry Lime Tart is filled with fresh berries, and Chocolate Sin is a rich chocolate dessert. All of these desserts make a perfect ending to a special lobster or seafood meal.

Amy Ragsdale hB – human Being

Pioneering, philosophical, audacious and reverent, Amy Ragsdale personifies the new idiom in modern jewelry. Intriguing, from a woman who was born and raised in one of the indistinguishable houses of the first suburban planned community in Pennsylvania. The middle child of seven children, she roamed Bucks County on her horse, exploring and celebrating the wild and tranformative forces of nature. Not surprising, from this stimulation, an artist would emerge. In 1985, with the gentle, yet persistent, prompting of sculptor Anthony Heyl, proprietor of the Silver Lining Gallery in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Amy’s artisan skill flourished. Designs flowed as she played with sterling, gold, beads and stones, letting simplicity be her guide.

This simplicity generated local name recognition soon after opening her studio in 1990. Her forged gold and sterling designs, fashioned by hand; and with respect for the environment, rarely requires soldering. This respect also motivates her to use reclaimed & recycled metals with eco-friendly techniques in her sustainable studio. By inviting her clients into the comfort and casual elegance of her cozy home studio, she offers an alternative to the generic environment of the mall jewelry shop. By June of 2008, her studio moved to the handsome estate in Elkins Park, appropriately offset by nature and nestled next to a barn.

Inspired by the maverick instinct of groundbreaking fashion icon Coco Chanel, Amy incorporates the classic style and sophistication of a 1920’s haute couture shopping experience, when relationships mattered, with today’s virtual world of instant access. Once you visit Amy’s studio and experience the personal touch, you can graduate to shop her website as you build your own Ragsdale Design collection. This relaxed atmosphere invites clients to enjoy an extraordinarily refreshing shopping experience. You’ll get more that custom jewelry or sculpture at Amy’s place; you will be heard, appreciated and celebrated. Ragsdale offers a soft place to land after a rough day or week and rewards her hard working customers with a custom piece that was made especially for them. Amy cares about her clients and how they express themselves through her pieces. So sit back with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn and tell your story. Whether you need a special gift for a bride or want to treat yourself with a custom design for that special evening, Amy will use all of her senses to envision and produce an unforgettable creation.

From the Orbital Earring introduced in 1995 to the best selling Guardian Cuff, Amy creates timeless art rather than replicating the latest fashion trends. Following the Chanel motto, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same,” Amy embraces the maverick in all of us.

How to care for your jewelry

.or perhaps a better title would be, how to keep your jewelry clean. After twenty-five years in the jewelry business I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to make an annual trip to their favorite jewelers to have their jewelry professionally cleaned. I recommend sometime in September, you know, when the kids are back to school and you could use a mid-day glass of red wine while someone does something for you. After the tartar sauce and sunscreen have been thoroughly removed and the original luster returned to your jewelry, you could follow three simple steps to ensure it stays brilliant for many months.
Here they are:
Simple Step #1. Make sure that your jewelry is the last thing you put on in the beginning of your day and the first thing you take off, as soon as you can. Make-up, hairspray, deodorant and perfumes are all toxic chemicals that will tarnish your sterling, so leave your gems to last. Cleaning agents and pool/hot tub chemicals will eat away at gold and platinum, so take off your baubles every time.
Simple Step #2. Create a soft and protected place to store your jewelry. By soft, I mean anti-tarnish tissue paper, and protected I don’t mean that little cup by the sink. Gold jewelry quickly becomes dull due to rubbing up against other gold jewelry and sterling jewelry will quickly oxidize when left out in the open air. A drawer, box or basket will do, but be aware that sometimes wood, cardboard and plastic is treated with chemicals that could react with your metal. Hanging you earrings and necklaces on a wall might make it a snap for locating and selecting, but that’s like wearing a Mets jersey to a Phillies game to make it easy for your boyfriend to pick you out of the crowd… or under the crowd. The disadvantages painfully out weight the advantages.
Simple Step #3. Rinse and dry your jewelry if it becomes dirty. That is to say, if you make a delicious meatloaf on Sunday and on Monday discover that there is enough ground beef under your diamond to feed a family of six… take the ring off, soak it in warm water (you can add baking soda) rinse and wipe with a sunshine cloth*. Same with earrings that you wore on that eight hour fishing tour or the bracelet that went so well with the tennis skirt. Take them off and rinse them off as soon as you can. I don’t recommend using a toothbrush, but if you have too, make sure it is the softest you can find.
Like I said, a trip to your jeweler once a year will not only keep your jewelry looking new, but will help in keeping gems secure, clasps functioning correctly and ear wires performing to their potential. A few other options await you as well; if you’ve lost an earring, perhaps the remaining one can be replicated or modified into a pendant. If you have a pair of stud earrings (post & nut) and you prefer French backs (loop through), many earrings can be quickly converted. If you have a monster design from the 1980’s, that could be taken apart and reassembled as bracelet, earrings, anklet and a pendant… all ready to be gifted to darling daughter in law! Chances are you have collected some precious pieces that belonged to a relative that is not longer with us… or perhaps a few pieces that were given to you by someone whom you are not so fond of right now. No need to have this jewelry just sitting in a box. Let’s get it out and get creative.

CNN’s God’s Warriors

“God’s Warriors,” produced and recently aired by CNN should serve as a wake-up call to anyone wondering why the world is in such a state of political, social and religious turmoil. Based upon interviews conducted by Christiane Amanpour who traveled the globe to talk to Jewish, Muslim and Christian “warriors,” the documentary exposes why organized religions are one of the major divisive forces on the planet.

As the show stated, in their drive to save the world, these religions have caused deep divisions. While emphasis was placed upon the fundamentalist elements of these faiths, it is clear that even the mainstream is just as responsible for the great religious divide. According to Amanpour, fundamentalists in these various faiths have become a political force with the aim of re-making society in their own image and to bring God back into power over the affairs of man. With a campaign against the “evils’ modern secularism, their activities have created unprecedented fear and division.

The basic questions raised are obvious. If God does not impose its will upon humanity, what makes these people think they should do it for God? If each is acting according to some divine will, then why are they killing and condemning each other? Is there more than one divine will? In his review of the novel, “Waking God,” Christopher Friesen of BookPleasures.com asked, “What if every Truth you had ever been told was really a mosaic of falsehoods? What if every religious institution that preached salvation was actually an agent of oppression?” These topics are the focal point of that novel and they are the focal point of Amanpour’s reporting in “God’s Warriors.” It is taught that you cannot take heaven by force, yet, that is exactly what fundamentalists seem to be preaching.

What about the mainstream faithful? In each religion extremism is denounced by religious leaders. They say that they abhor the violence. While the words of denouncement come easy, you can certainly know them by their deeds. What are religious leaders doing to stop the violence and hatred? It would seem that very little is being done. If Muslim leaders condemned extremists’ actions and threatened to remove those guilty of such actions from the faith I would imagine we would see a great reduction in terrorism. If evangelical ministers proclaimed violent actions a sin and actively condemned such actions, perhaps there would be a little less hate. The problem is that both Christian and Muslim leaders are seeking to spread their ideas and impose their version of moral authority on the rest of the world. Judaism departs from the others in this category. In an essential elitist fashion, Jews do not seek to convert others or to spread their faith. They really just want to be left alone to live in peace in what they claim to be their Holy Land. Yes, they commit violent acts but not with the intent of converting the world to their faith.

In a book titled, “When the Church Leaves the Building,” by David Frederickson we see that there is a growing movement from those who are spiritually oriented to abandon the religions of their fathers. It is asked on their web site, familyroommedia.com “Is it possible that the Church Christ promised to build looks different than much of what we call ‘church’ today?” It is estimated that millions of former churchgoers have left the building in search of a more meaningful and personal relationship with their God. The growing disdain for the violence perpetuated by extremists and the lack of action to prevent such action by religious leaders may one day be their undoing.

Amanpour says that we must take note of the actions of religious extremists because they have infiltrated and in many cases control the political debate in many nations. In my mind, there is no question that she is right. These institutions are pitting brother against brother in a power struggle aimed at molding the world in their image. Their actions and words imply that Divine Intelligence is incapable of dealing with the affairs of man or that they are the arm of that Intelligence as “God’s Warriors.” What kind of God needs warriors? What kind of God would sanction car bombing women and children or blowing up health clinics? And, which God is right: the God of the Jews or the God of the Muslims? It makes no sense.

Bestselling author and inspirational speaker, Dr. John Demartini, in an interview printed in the new book, “Jesus Taught It, Too: The Early Roots of the Law of Attraction” had the following to say about religions: “When we subordinate ourselves to the religious system, we basically stop opening our religious heart. If there is a divine order, divine intelligence and divine love and divine wisdom and beauty in everything, then where is God not?” It is clear that “God’s Warriors” do not ascribe to this philosophy. Their passion for violence, hatred and contempt for those of differing opinions are typified in their actions and deeds. It is clear that we need to listen to the message that was contained in the CNN report. These people want and have power and will do anything to spread and impose their views on others. As a major character in the novel, “Waking God” says, “It is not about saving humanity and never has been.” What is required is a ‘great awakening’ where humanity begins to take responsibility for the world in which we live.

Know about the Basics Measures before Cooking Lobster Tails

Know about the Basics Measures before Cooking Lobster Tails
By Mak Jones
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Seafood is always considered to be one of the preferred options among the eating delicacies. It should be hard to find any person who does not love to taste any of these sea creatures. In contrast, there are many people around us who would love to taste any of these delectable items. At that point of time, lobster should be considered as one of the favorite options for these foodies.

Whenever someone considers organizing a special dinner party, any preparations comprised of various sea creatures can be perfect for any occasion. Under such circumstances, lobster tails can be chosen as a perfect item for making your dinner party memorable for your guests. In that case, it is to be remembered that lobster is considered to be the most delicious item among all the sea creatures.

In such scenario, you need to keep in mind some facts for making the dinner party successful. Hence, you have to understand the fact that these seafood items begin to rot just after their death. In addition to that, it is also to be noted that lobsters tastes best whenever it is cooked alive. Therefore, you have to cook some live lobster in order to bring the best taste from these sea creatures.

In order to make some delightful lobster tails recipes, you have to find some live lobster from the market. In that case, you can easily depend on the online dealers who can conveniently deliver these live creatures at your doorstep. However, you can also have the opportunity to buy these delicious items straight from the sea shore. In that case, you will be able to get the fresh creatures which will be helpful for making your dinner party unforgettable.

Once you have bought these delicious sea creatures, it would be better to put them straight at the cooking pan. In that way, you will be able to cook these live lobster tails in order to offer your guests this yummy preparation. However, if you are not willing to store these delicious sea creatures, you have to put it at the coldest spot of your refrigerator. In that case, you have to put some moist cloth around these lobsters for letting them enjoy the moisture. In that fashion, you will be able to keep these sea creatures alive for a longer period of time.